profiloElio Scuderi Elio Scuderi was born in Palermo in 1973, has always been passionate unconditionally color and matter, is an atypical artist that makes art his "Eden" the "nest" to retreat from the outside world. His infinite creativity, instinctive and natural springs from his being, being untouched.

The absence of artistic studies, although for many represents a failure in this case is the hallmark of his stylistic. Only expresses what he feels inside, and she does so through research and experimentation that is the basis of his way of making art, a 'deep conceptual art, vibrant energy of residence of the sensitive artist's universe.

In 2004, his passion results in a need to "model universes" and by listening to his heart, he began to appear to the outside world .... interacting colors, earth, fabric, metal, objects that recycles everywhere, thus continuing to to "revive things" that would fall into oblivion of time. The art of the flows inside, leads him to his own world in which the only balance that matters is what color where ...



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" Palazzo Bellomo "

Ortigia (SR)

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"Museo Etno Antropologico"

Castellamare del Golfo (TP)